Last post for the next week and a half. 

An Olympus XA plus five rolls of Kodak Portra equals, all set for Poland tomorrow. 

Haven’t posted much recently. Not that you all noticed. 

The usual Bruce Willis photograph. 

Shot my first ever band today, I was going to do it all on film but the light levels were a bit dim for 800 film. 

I love the way the Olympus XA vignettes. 

Walking in the woods & feeding stray dogs. 

The road I once lived on. 

A tree in a jewellery shop. 

zakmilofsky asked: aw man those pushed film photos just look so good.. damnnn

Thank so much bro, I’m so pleased with them. For that reason I’ve decided to only bring the XA and 5 rolls of Portra 400 to Poland next month :)